Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Twitter Rules. Leads To This Blog Post

I've been deluged with new music since joining Twitter. It feel good to drown in instant mp3 gratification. Following my favorite writers and fellow snobs has opened my ears up to one of the better parts of the internet takeover of the music industry.

Here are three bands that I picked up on because of the good old twitter.

1. Mi Ami (via Tinymixtapes.com)

My buddy Alex raved about Mi Ami's last record Watersports when he DJ'd with me at 91.1 WMUA. Check out his blog/radio show here. I think their older stuff sounded more kraut-rock-y, now they sound a little more noise/dance-y but they retain the good old build-up-to-the-point-of-explosion, mesmerizing sound that the Germans perfected back in the 1970s.

2. Mess Folk (via Viceland.com)

This guy plays some noisy, slightly offensive, anti-art punk rawk and roll. Love.

3. Scratoa! (via Tinymixtapes.com)

Reminds me of Captain Beefhart and the Steve Reid and Kieran Hebden projects. Kind of. Not really able to describe this properly. Just listen to it!!!

Here is a picture of me with Boston Celtic folk hero Walter McCarty. (Via Twitter) Thanks, Luke!

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