Friday, February 5, 2010

The Strange Boys - Be Brave Video

I can't hide my embarrassing affection for The Strange Boys and their record Boys and Girls Club. People say they sound like Blonde on Blonde era Bob Dylan. I could contest that comparison with large amounts of my music snob muscle. But I gotta eat some food and besides, in the end it doesn't even matter one ounce who the hell they sound like. They're good, that's all. Check 'em out.

I can say that those two records (Boys and Girls Club, Blonde on Blonde), over the past two months, have been on my turntable more than any other pieces of vinyl I own.

Here's their new video for "Be Brave" starring Jenna from Mika Miko on Sax. (Via Buddyhead, the only major publication who I see giving these guys some attention.)

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