Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Concert #3: John McCauley at The 201

Concert #3: John McCauley, lead singer of Queer Dick (the way he introduced himself), performed at the small bar at 201 Westminster St., known as The 201, Providence, RI, on Thursday night, February 11.

A few of John's friends performed as the warm-up acts: Chris Paddock, Liz Isenberg, and Vio/Mire.

Highlight of opening acts: Chris Paddock ripping apart his original tune, "These Old Shoes." You might have heard it performed before by Deer Tick on War Elephant.

Mr. McCauley hit the stage with an electric guitar for forty minutes and played ONLY new songs and covers. I was cool with the lack of "hits" since, being a local artist, I've seen them performed many times.

John mentioned the fresh cuts were recorded for a new, separate project from Deer Tick.
More details forthcoming!

The covers included:
The Replacements: "Can't Hardly Wait" (I think)
The Beatles: "Black Bird"
Bill Haley: "Rock Around the Clock"

Throw in an Otis Redding cover (I think, I missed the name) and one line from the Silver Jews' "New Orleans" and Thursday night made for an intimate, exciting night of music at The 201.

John was especially loose, since of the 30 or 40 people in the audience, most of them seemed to be a friend.

Check out Deer Tick playing at Jerky's and Firehouse 13 in Providence, April 2 and 3, with Those Darlins.

Here's Deer Tick covering "Can't Hardly Wait" on decent quality video.

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