Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Propaganda Sucks So Listen to Red Mass and Duchess Says

Red Mass are a band out of the boisterous garage scene in Montreal and, boy howdy, they need some lovin' here on Music is a Sin!

Roy Vucino is the man in charge of this shotgun blast of Reverend Horton Heat-inspired rock n roll blasphemy. He's played with Mark Sultan, used to play in now-defunct CPC Gangbangs, amongst other Montreal outfits I assume were brilliant, and is now behind Red Mass. They have a new EP out, reviewed here by yours truly, in less obnoxious terms:

Click here to read my 75orless review.

Most interesting fact about Red Mass:

They are friends with Duchess Says, another Montreal group that are the real deal.

Duchess Says hit us in the nutz in 2008 with their French-Rriot girl punk record, ANTHOLOGIE DES 3 PERCHOIRS.

Coolest Possible Recording Red Mass Has Released:

Their Split 7'' on Alien 8 with Duchess Says!!! Hear it here or buy it.

The following videos are via les sessions bande à part, a French Canadian live music video website that I need to surf for another five hours, based on the footage that follows:

Red Mass - Male Models (From their Self-Titled Ep)
Watch full 24 minute session click here

Duchess Says - Ccut Up - from ANTHOLOGIE DES 3 PERCHOIRS
Watch full 24 minute session click here

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