Sunday, January 31, 2010

Woke Up This Morning, Got Yourself a Gun

"Where the Wild Things Are" was a boring emo movie. This would've made it better:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Pack AD Never Stop Being Awesome

The Pack AD, my favorite band from Vancouver, have a new record coming out in April!

Here is the cover:

If you haven't heard their first two albums, Tintype and The Funeral Mixtape, I'd recommend getting on that pronto.

For fans of: The Black Keys, The White Stripes, balls-out blues rock music.

I have provided you, my dedicated readers, with the following Pack AD-related gifts:

Two music videos from The Funeral Mixtape.
An interview I did with Maya and Becky that originally appeared in my music/comix magazine, Suffering Jukebox. Read it here!


The Pack AD - Making Gestures

The Pack AD - Blackout

RIP JD Salinger

JD Salinger, dead at age 91. Such a bummer...

My dog's named after Zoey from Franny and Zooey.

He's personally one of the most important writers in my life.

When I read the news I was listening to The Cure's Disintegration. Kinda eerie...

Apparently, he might have some unpublished work. Part of me never wants to read it.

I'm drinking tonight.

Here's a music video, to mourn the death of Mr. Salinger, from The Cure:


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Traveling Wilburys Ain't Nothing To Fuck Wit

The True Story of the Traveling Wilburys

RIP Roy Orbison
RIP George Harrison

Go pick up Volume 1 if you know what's good for ya!

Califone Live Footage and Sundance Info

Congratulations to Califone who were invited to the 2010 Sundance Festival for the film that accompanied their last brilliant album, "All My Friends are Funeral Singers." Festivities start today! Good luck!

Here's a live video Pitchfork posted today:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bob Dylan, Live And In Charge

The above photo was taken during Bob Dylan's infamous Rolling Thunder Revue tour.

I dug up a few videos from one of these shows and you can find them below.

For more Rolling Thunder Revue tunes, check out the Live Bootleg Series Vol. 5, one of the best in the series. (Vol. 4 is the best music ever made.)

For further reading, hop down to your local library and check out On the Road with Bob Dylan, written by Larry "Ratso" Sloman, and the best book ever written about Robert Allen Zimmerman, according to me.

For further astonishing Dylan live footage, please check out the "Yesterday" sessions, recently posted by Aquarium Drunkard. Features little known musician George Harrison on a few tracks.

Bob Dylan - Isis (Rolling Thunder Revue 1975)

John W. Gacy | MySpace Video

Tangled Up In Blue

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ode to Conan: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I have always adored Conan O'Brien's sense of humor. Unfortunately, when he was moved to 11:30 and The Tonight Show, he ceased being very interesting or funny. Glad that all those plans immediately back-fired and I hope his next project is more along the lines of his older material.

Here's my favorite Conan-related moment ever (I know, it's not from any of his late shows. It doesn't matter): him and Lou Reed, Jimmy Fallon, Adam Sandler, Dana Carvey, and Jack Black jamming out to "Take a Walk on the Wild Side." Hope these types of fascinating collaborations happen again.

Come to think of it, his last moment on The Tonight Show was pretty cool and musically intense, too: Will Ferrell, Beck, ZZ Top, Ben Harper, Max Weinberg and his crew, and Conan play "Free Bird."

Friday, January 22, 2010

Live ATP NYC AND Live Jesus Lizard Recordings

An artist's rendition of my brain after listening to live music from ATP NYC:

I can't remember how I stumbled across this, I wish I could give credit where credit is due. I apologize. Either way, I'm going to pay it forward and present all you music nerd hoodrats with a crucial website:


Includes bands I love: Deerhoof, Atlas Sound, Circulatory System, Panda Bear, Deerhunter, Lightning Bolt, Wooden Shjips, Low...


A whole bunch of other bands I've been meaning to check out: Suicide, Dirty Three, EPMD, and a few more that I'll put some listening time into because it's free.

I'm currently listening to the Deerhoof performance. The sound is perfect. I am so happy right now.

Thanks to The Free Music Archive for offering these for free, as well as other music that is legally downloadable (not a real word, don't care).

Once you're wiping up your drool, please head over to Chunklet and check out all the live Jesus Lizard recordings they just posted. One of their writers went on tour with David Yow and company and has provided some live footage for your listening pleasures...

The Office UK Version IS Funny

I've slept on the original version of The Office for far too long. Turns out it's at least as funny as the American version. The following musical interlude, found in episode four of season one (known as the training episode) brought me into the awkward world of Ricky Gervais's masterpiece. Enjoy!

The Office BBC Episode 4 Training Song

Adam | MySpace Video

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby Guts and Mika Miko Break-Up, Strange Boys Tour

Memorable RRRRRIot grrrl punk bands are hard to come by in this day and age.

The world sucks a little harder whenever I am forced to report the break-ups of truly great bands. So good-bye, Minneapolis' own Baby Guts and LA's punk heroes Mika Miko. Thanks for the music!

I saw Mika Miko play exactly three times and they were wonderful and energetic and everything I ever want in a live punk rock band. The photos found here were taken by me a couple years back in New York City. They stole shows. They will be missed.

I never saw Baby Guts play live. Dammit. But they put out a sick, underrated record, The Kissing Disease, on Guilt Ridden Pop Records. It was number 14 on the WMUA 91.1FM DJ's 2008 Top 20 Rock Records Countdown.

There are exactly 2 silver linings to this otherwise depressing news.

1. Jenna from Mika Miko joined one of my favorite bands, The Strange Boys. Hear her rip up her saxophone on the brand-spanking new tune, Be Brave. While your at it, check out The Strange Boys cover Joe Williams' Baby Please Don't Go.

2. Taylor from Baby Guts has another project going, Teenage Moods.

Throw in a Strange Boys opening slot on the Spoon/Deerhunter tour, and I guess all hope is not lost.

Plus, here are two videos from Baby Guts' last gig, via their myspace:

Patti Smith in Creem Magazine

(Click to Expand)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Dear Vampire Weekend,
Please stop this nonsense. This is has gone too far. Your musical formula has already turned into a bad cliche, two albums in. Hand in your guitars. You're fired.

Vampire Weekend - Horchata (Their bullshit new single)


50 Cent - Candy Shop

Buddyhead is a Cool Place, Check Out the Interviews!

The Gza makes me like him even more than I did ten minutes ago:

The Way To Titty City: Buddyhead VS GZA (NSFW) from Buddyhead on Vimeo.

Steve Turner and Mark Arm, Mudhoney, never fail:

Mudhoney VS Buddyhead (interview by Travis 11/14th/2008) from BUDDYHEAD on Vimeo.

John Darnielle, The Mountain Goats, continues the hero-worshipping theme of this post:

Less Queer Than His Fans: Buddyhead VS Mounain Goats from Buddyhead on Vimeo.

J Mascis is Bored

Amoeba Music asks Dinosaur Jr guitarist J Mascis:
What's In Your Bag?

Chunklet Thank You For Being The Best

Chunklet Magazine has a vendetta out against obnoxious music. Their blog abides by the same anti-shit rock guidelines and they aren't afraid to tell you to fuck off.

Most significantly, Chunklet has been posting some dirty old cassettes that writer Henry Owings received from punk rocker Chris Thompson as a gift, uncovering some rare and excellent rock music.

Check out the Getaway Car recordings, my favorite free music from Chunklet in recent memory, posted here.

Getaway Car features (Via Chunklet):

Mike Fellows (guitar): Rites of Spring, Happy Go Licky, Miighty Flashlight and backing member of GI, Silver Jews, Royal Trux and Will Oldham (among others).

Guy Picciotto (drums): Rites of Spring, Happy Go Licky, One Last Wish, Black Light Panthers, Brief Weeds, record producer and recent back-up musician for Vic Chesnutt.

Kim Thompson (guitar): Cupid Car Club and The Delta 72.

Here's a bunch of live videos from bands that are linked to Getaway Car:

Silver Jews - K-Hole/Black and Brown Blues/Wild Kindness:

Fugazi - The Waiting Room (yep, I'm reposting):

Delta 72 - Up in the High Numbers:

Bonus! Stephen Malkmus and David Berman - Blue Arrangements

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Charles Barkley Is Alicia Keys

Purchase of the Week: Electrelane "Axes"

I bought Electrelane's "Axes" on vinyl from Providence's best record store, Armageddon Shop. Go there, buy cool shit.

Electrelane pull down the pants of your favorite kraut-rock band and stab them in the ass with an ice-pick.

In the defense of such a hyperbolic statement, here are three tunes from "Axes."


Two For Joy

If Not Now, When?

One, Two, Three: Death Sucks!

Counterculture Death Count: 3

December 30, 2009: RIP Roland S. Howard, Guitarist, The Birthday Party

January 11, 2010: RIP Eric Rohmer, New Wave French Director

January 13, 2010: RIP Jay Reatard, Modern Day Punk Rock Hero

Dear People: Stop Dying!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Obsess Much? I Love Paul's Boutique

"Paul's Boutique" came out last year on Deluxe Edition. I would've picked it up if I had more disposable income but alas, I'm currently stuck with the copy on my iPod.

Lucky for broke/cheap bastards like myself, there are prizes you can find online if you search hard enough. For example, there's the free mp3 of the guys chatting about the making of "Paul's Boutique" while re-listening to the album. An hour-long audio commentary, it includes and extends on several stories you can read about in the wonderful 33 1/3 book, written by Dan Leroy.

There's also the four drug-fueled music videos that you can find below.

If you haven't heard "Paul's Boutique" yet, What's Your Problem?!

Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump

Hey Ladies

Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun


Friday, January 8, 2010

No Bunny - Boneyard

There's a wings place in my hometown called "The Boneyard." I really want wings from there right now!
In the meantime, here's a video from No Bunny!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Live Footage from KEXP!!!

Another great live act from 2009, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart had enough fluffy hype to satisfy everyone's bloated ego over at Pitchfork. Fortunately, and surprisingly, in concert these dudes could really bring it. Cheers for saving an otherwise kinda pretentious concert, Pains! (I saw Ponytail play after. Not impressed, sorry guys.)

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Come Saturday

Yeah, and the Vivian Girls weren't much better in the critics' over-the-top adjectives department. I actually saw them play in 2008 in NYC and they sucked. But I've seen some newer live footage of the girls and it seems like they're playing with more energy, skill, and um, competence.

The Vivian Girls - When I'm Gone

Here's a band you may not have heard before: Athens' own Viva Voce. They have good guitar work, pretty vocals, and overall great songwriting. Cheers!

Viva Voce - Devotion

And finally here's a WWF Smack-Down version of "Easy," from Providence's very own Deer Tick, personally my favorite song from their last album, "Born on Flag Day."

Deer Tick - Easy

The Thermals Live @ KEXP

That last post about The Vaselines led me to the incredible KEXP Live Youtube page, featuring copious amounts of rock n' roll bands from the college radio world.

Here are two videos from The Thermals, one of my favorite live acts of 2009, from KEXP. I'm going to keep adding more videos from that website to this blog until my butt falls off!

The Thermals - We Were Alive

I Can't Let Go

Connecting the Dots: The Vaselines to Nirvana

I have an unhealthy obsession with The Vaselines and have been listening them far more than any other band the past six months. Like most of you, I was first introduced to the perverted Scottish duo by Kurt Cobain on the brilliant MTV Unplugged record, where he covers "Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam". He also cuts versions of "Son of a Gun" and "Molly's Lips" covered on the album "Incesticide."

Speaking of mind-bending Nirvana, I recently picked up the "Live at Reading" DVD for Xmas. After watching the trio destroy the tune "Polly" a thought crossed my mind: that Cobain dude must've listened to a shitload of The Vaselines, too. Cuz that song is a louder version of "Rory Ride Me Raw".

Note: I'm not against Cobain sounding like the Vaselines. In fact, I'm fascinated by the origins of his ideas, what pieces of sounds he borrowed from what bands, and who inspired him.

The lyrics in these two songs are, in construction and in content, very similar. Sex, anyone?

Here are the videos from those songs, first from The Vaselines, then Nirvana. You be the judge.

The Vaselines: Rory Ride Me Raw

Nirvana: Polly

2009 Sucked, Blue Cheer Are Still Awesome

2009 Sucked and I listened to Vincebus Eruptum constantly to fight off all the tearz. That record came out in 1968. Gotta thank Mark Arm from Mudhoney who sorta recommended Blue Cheer to me when we were discussing sweet punk rock pedals.

But 2009 sucked because Dickie Peterson passed away, their excellent bassist and lead singer.

Watch this video of Summertime Blues and then fight somebody:

Andrew "Duck" MacDonald wrote this ode to Mr. Peterson (via


Dickie Peterson was my Bandmate, Business Partner, Friend and Teacher the driving force behind Blue Cheer who some called the godfathers of Metal, Punk, Grunge and Stoner. I’ve heard underrated, overrated, the greatest and the worst band of all time but one thing is for sure there was no middle ground on opinions of his band.

I like to think a hundred years from now researchers will try to figure out how it got from Muddy Waters to Godsmack and they will find Hendrix and Cream, Zeppelin and Sabbath and then they will scratch their heads and think something’s missing and then they’ll see it, it won’t be shiny and beautiful but raw and crude and a bit misshapen but there it is the missing link between all that was and all that is Blue Cheer. Then it will all be documented, put on a shelf, collect dust and eventually be forgotten.

First and foremost Dickie was a Bluesman, a champion of the Blues and a Knight of the Blues Table who just happened to worship at the Temple of the Loud. He once was asked at an interview I was at with him how he felt about working with a heavy metal guitarist and he sort of chuckled and said “ Duck? Duck is just a blues guitarist in disguise.” and in that instance he taught me more about myself than even I knew and profoundly changed the way I thought about myself, no easy feat me being a stubborn Scotsman. There are so many stories I could tell you about my adventures with Dickie and someday we’ll sit down and drink a Scotch and I will tell all (if I can remember) but some things are just for me like the memories of first Love, your first born child being laid in your arms, and the passing of those you loved, those feelings are private and sacred and mine alone so I leave you with this.

Dickie is waiting for us and when we get there he will turn and face God and say
WE’RE BLUE CHEER AND THIS IS WHAT WE DO! And launch into Babylon. (Hopefully God will provide the gear and lots of it!)

Andrew “Duck” MacDonald

Default Posting: Jersey Shore News

As I predicted, Jersey Shore has taken over the country like a blast of Guido hair spray to the face.

Rhode Island has been represented by Pauly D, the great DJ from Johnston. Yesterday, he tweeted pictures with Michael Cera, morphing him into a guido, like Zordon creating the Power Rangers.

But the real story here is Pauly D's twitter page. Note the picture on the left side. Also, I enjoyed his happy holidays recording, listen to it here.

Who wants to go see him DJ?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Where Did I Go?

Dear Readers,
News news news, slow slow slow. Here's a great Silver Jews music video: