Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bob Dylan, Live And In Charge

The above photo was taken during Bob Dylan's infamous Rolling Thunder Revue tour.

I dug up a few videos from one of these shows and you can find them below.

For more Rolling Thunder Revue tunes, check out the Live Bootleg Series Vol. 5, one of the best in the series. (Vol. 4 is the best music ever made.)

For further reading, hop down to your local library and check out On the Road with Bob Dylan, written by Larry "Ratso" Sloman, and the best book ever written about Robert Allen Zimmerman, according to me.

For further astonishing Dylan live footage, please check out the "Yesterday" sessions, recently posted by Aquarium Drunkard. Features little known musician George Harrison on a few tracks.

Bob Dylan - Isis (Rolling Thunder Revue 1975)

John W. Gacy | MySpace Video

Tangled Up In Blue

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  1. Rob Stoner is awesome in that first video. And in life in general.