Monday, February 8, 2010

Half-Ass Super Bowl Thoughts From a Bored Dude

Thoughts on last night's American Coliseum Championship:

Super Bowl 44 was boring. Besides the onside kick, the Peyton Int, and yeah, that's it.

Join hands, suck face, and FUCK Tim Tebow.

The onside kick reminded me of how you can always come back in NFL Blitz.

Peyton and Brett's game losing INT's were my favorite plays of the otherwise mediocre NFL season.

I laughed harder at commercials that weren't supposed to be funny. I also am a fan of Stella. This has some relevance.

The Who were so bland, they landed a C- from me, and everyone at the party agreed was accurate.

Here's a couple awesome Half-Time Shows, from past Super Bowls:

The Boss:

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The Prince:

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