Monday, November 30, 2009

An Exercise in Snobbery: The Best Records of the Year

Dear Readers,
The next week I intend to present my favorite records of the year in order to unearth them from the tedious cycle that is the hipster-wheel of doom. Sick isn't it? A band releases a record, a few people mutter incoherently about their uninformed reactions, and we forget about it all two months later.

I am fighting against the ignorance for you, bands who don't know me and probably never will.

Warning: The following list I have compiled doesn't have an arbitrary ranking system.

I'm already a fraud for publishing any sort of list. Rankings would make me a fool.

Do not panic. I am doing this intentionally.

I promise: it's in order to spread the word about recordings that, after a decent year in music, should be heard by all interested parties. Plus it might've slipped by yah.

I'm going to throw up five a day until I run out. It could amount to twenty-five.

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