Thursday, November 19, 2009

Conan O'Brien Kills

I am a big ol' Conan O'Brien fan, from the days when he was on at 1230 and re-aired on Comedy Central. (Whatever happened to that?)

That dweeb hit me in all the right places on my funny bone.

Whoever thought moving to 1130 was a good idea should be put on heavy tranquilizers and be forced to watch every episode of the Craig Ferguson show on repeat for several days. Shit's rough.

I'm disappointed by the lack of energy from Conan since the move.

The guy seems pissed off he that he got moved, mostly cuz he had to tone his shtick down a helluva lot.

At first, his attitude seemed downtrodden and pathetic. The dude was bummed out, his main strength, left-field wackiness, had been de-balled.

The Network made Conan go towards the middle road, trying to rope in people who watched Leno. That didn't work, cuz Leno is, respectfully, lame and tacky.

That's a reflection of his audience. He falls back on jokes that are not challenging and simple-minded. Did I mention lame?

So, Conan got screwed cuz even his middle-of-the-road shit is way out there compared to Leno.

In the end, his real time-slot is 1230, a niche that he dominates cuz people who are still up at that time are looking for something interesting, something new.

Well, evidence from the following videos makes it seem like his bitterness has started to creep into his comedy a bit.

Maybe his attitude started to turn a little after he fell and got that concussion.

Either way, he's starting to take out his anger on celebrities, something he's pretty damn good at. He wrote for The Simpsons, after all.

I don't know if he's fighting with the Network about his guests, but it seems pretty clear that he disliked Heidi and Spencer, stars of The Hills.

I've never seen Conan hate on guests as much as he does in the following videos.

Bonus: Check out the third video, where he reacts to Kirstie Alley's twitter heckling.

Kirstie Alley Vid:

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