Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why I Missed The Latest Pixies Reunion

The Pixies are currently touring behind their 1989 release Doolittle, personally my favorite record by the band. Alas, I refuse to see them on this tour, or any future tours for that matter, and here's a couple reasons why:

1. I saw the documentary, loudQUIETloud, filmed while the Pixies were on their first reunion tour. I cannot think of a more depressing movie about music. It beats out Dig! Drummer David Lovering comes across as a very sad drug-addicted bastard, Kim Deal and Frank Black still despise each other, and Jose Santiago is pissed that he has to deal with these three nitwits. It's clear from minute number one that the only reason they're touring again is to make some money. Of course, they hadn't made any in their original incarnation and were all kinda broke before they got back together. I found this is as an acceptable consequence of what occurs in the commercial music business and didn't care about the selling-out aspect. It was more depressing how money degraded the band's dynamic into an episode of the Real World/Road Rules challenge. After seeing loudQUIETloud, I had an image in my mind of the Pixies as some of the saddest people ever invented.

2. Then I saw Kim Deal perform with The Breeders and she was happy and goofy the entire performance. Making it much more obvious how much she hates Frank Black. I like Kim Deal after seeing her play in The Breeders. Frank Black, the jury is still out on that bald guy.

3. At 50$ a pop, in this battered economy, that seems a tad steep.

OK, so I AM jealous of the people who saw the Pixies, they are a cool band. I'll contradict myself. Most of the reason I didn't see them lies in answer #3. Still, that movie is an embarrassment. Don't see it, it'll make you hate the Pixies a little.

Here is a video of them performing Debaser (Via An Uncontrollable Urge):

Also, check out An Uncontrollable Urge interview The Soft Pack (formerly known as The Muslims)

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  1. Agreed.

    However, Kim did actually seem to be having fun and joking around when I saw them, so perhaps they've made some progress?