Saturday, December 26, 2009

10 of the Coolest Occurences in the Year 2009, Part One is easily the best musical website on the internet and they recently posted their 20 Most Surreal/Ironic/Hilarious Moments of 2009.

Chunklet started out as a pretty stellar music zine, based outta the Athens, Georgia area.

I'm going to steal their year-ender idea and simplify it into my 20 coolest parts of 2009.

Here's part one, look out for part 2 the next couple days.

10 Kool Things:

1. Reading everything I could find by Lester Bangs, the best music critic I've ever stumbled across.

2. Watching Inglorious Basterds, Big Fan, and A Serious Man, my three favorite films of the year, in that order.

3. Getting annihilated by Dan Deacon at his performance in Pawtucket, RI, at Machines with Magnets, with a big group of friends. Guest appearances by White Mice, The What Cheer? Brigade, and fire made the night pretty nuts.

4. Buying The Jesus and Mary Chain's Honey is Dead (above) and The Vaselines' The Way of the Vaselines: A Complete History, both on cassette at Turn it Up! Records in Northampton.

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Reverence

5. Moshing at Dinosaur Jr at the Middle East in Boston with my friend Corey.

6. Purchasing The Sonics' Here are the Sonics and Blue Cheer's Vincebus Eruptum on vinyl at Mystery Train Records in Amherst. RIP Dickie Peterson.

7. Smashing my head to Lightning Bolt TWICE, once at UMass-Amherst, once in Providence.

8. Watching Jersey Shore, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Lost, my top three television shows of 2009, in that order.

9. Chugging a Yaeger Bomb after the Bulls-Celtics Game 6 went into triple OT. During the first OT I promised my friend Chris I would throw down said drink if we went into triple OT. Best NBA series I've ever seen.

Here's a picture of Kevin Garnett almost committing murder:

10. Enjoying WMUA-hosted concerts: Parts and Labor at the Blue Wall and Lightning Bolt with a buncha other grand bands at the Chaos First Fest. God Bless College Radio.

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