Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deerhunter Live at McCarren Park 8-3-2008

Dear Bradford Cox,
I attended your gig with Deerhunter at AS220 in Providence, RI, in July 2007. That was the summer after Cryptograms dropped and boy that ambient kraut-rock weirdness made an indentation on my fragile, sophomore-in-college brain. That record and Person Pitch collectively lit my consciousness on fire more than any other stimuli I came in contact with that year. But that concert was a messy mess, Mr. Cox. You came out babbling about Brown University, Pitchfork, and demanding more alcohol, while your band looped the music to Cryptograms, in hopes that you would FOCUS and start playing that damn song. I watched you barf up a couple drinks, smash the ceiling with your mic stand, and make out with one of the guitarists. I had to pee, and when I was finishing up at the urination station I could've sworn your guitarist was next to me. The exchange: "Hey, dude, umm, why aren't you on stage?"
"We had some sound problems and had to end early."
Twenty minutes of drunk Bradford Cox and that was the night. So, Mr. Cox, I was annoyed with you. Until this morning, when I stumbled across this On Demand on Comcast cable:

Watch the full concert at

There's a couple feet of snow on the ground, I'm stranded in my house on my only day off of the week, and I hate snow. I hate snow.
In conclusion, Mr. Cox, I am not annoyed with you anymore. I forgive you!

Happy Holidayze!

Set List:
Calvary Scans
Never Stops
Spring Hall Concert/Hazel Street
Nothing Ever Happened
Fluorescent Grey
Saved By The Old Times

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