Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Talking Heads Best Performance?

At a Flywheel Record Sale a couple years ago I bought a Talking Heads DVD, Live in Rome 1980.

They're on my personal top 5 favorite musicians ever list, so generally I buy anything I see by them.

I didn't get around to watching the DVD until a few months later.

Little did I know, the footage is easily better than "Stop Making Sense" and may be my favorite musical performance of all-time.

Hyperbolic? See for yourself! That's right: I hunted down videos from the show on the internet.

Five things to watch for:

1. Adrian Belew just tearing apart the guitar, Nels Cline-style. He was in King Crimson and did studio work with Bowie and others.
2. Tina Weymouth, looking quite fetching. Who knew? Five years later, during "Stop Making Sense," she was putrid.
3. The insane Italian crowd yelling stuff.
4. Cross-eyed and Painless.
5. Tina Weymouth, taking off her sweater at one point. David Byrne, if you look closely, gets a boner.

Seriously though, if you have any interest in Talking Heads in any way, give these videos a spin.
Click here:
Talking Heads Live in Rome

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