Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sports Wednesday - Lame Ass Edition

Worst football week ever. It can only can get better, I hope!

Fantasy Update:

Nobody showed up this week. Thanks, guys!

Lord of the Grundle: Tony Romo
Biggest Flop: Matt Forte

I was even awarded "Toyota's Biggest Fantasy Blow-out of the Week."
I lost by 62.71 points.
I dropped New England's Defense for Cincinnati's.

NFL Observations:

I watched three games this week.

New England Vs. New Jersey (zing!)

What I keep telling myself:

I miss Drew Bledsoe.
It's only one game.
They lost by a touchdown.
Tom Brady is no longer out for the year.
Tom Brady can only get better.
No Wes Welker or Jerod Mayo.
The defense was decent.
Rex Ryan is fat and Bill Belichick is a genius.
It's a regular season game.
It's only September.
Seriously, it's only one game.

New York Vs. Dallas


Tony Romo, three interceptions, you fucking looked stupid.

Eli Manning, game-winning drive, you looked genuinely happy to be playing football.
I approve. I hate you still but less than your horse-faced brother.

John Madden and George W. Bush, they shat together for the whole game.

Jerry Jones: You are such a douche-bag. Most recent reason being that part when you sold tickets to your fans for 'standing room' seats that weren't actually inside the stadium. Read about it: here

Miami vs. Indianapolis

I hate both of these teams.

I rooted for the Colts since Miami is a division foe.

Two things then I'm out:

Peyton Manning, you are the man. I still hate you.
Miami, you suck.

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