Monday, March 8, 2010

Concert #7: I Destroyer, Infernal Stronghold

I went to 17 Mules last night and enjoyed the four bands on the bill:

I, Destroyer (Providence)
Infernal Stronghold (Philly)
Brain Shivers (Providence)
Back Stabbath (Providence)

Highlight: Infernal Stronghold stole the night in my opinion. Their metal guitar assault tickled my fancy. I did quite a bit of head banging. I especially appreciated their ability to build songs up into a loud and tormented frenzy, creating a slightly possessed crowd reaction.

Lowlight: None. Coming off of the Surfer Blood massacre, this show was perfect in every conceivable way. Loud guitars, no turdy indie kidz, and plenty of music to forget that the Oscars were happening.

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