Thursday, March 4, 2010

Concert #6: Surfer Blood at AS220

Text message conversation about Surfer Blood from last night between me and David (An Uncontrollable Urge):

Me: Vampire Weekend soundalikes mark the end of civilization.
Him: We enter the age of apocalypse.
Me: Death has shat on my earlobes.
Him: Hahahahaha Dude one of those guys looks like an alien baby.

The first awful concert of 2010 has hit Music is a Sin! Last night I attended the Mast/Turbo Fruits/Surfer Blood/Black Clouds show at AS220.

I'll try to keep this brief. I've been trying my best to keep the blog on the positive side. Negative nancies are despicable. Too much good music out there to waste my time complaining.

But sometimes a show blows my mind in the wrong direction and I must take a stand.

Last night started with Mast, a tight local band that played high decibel metal/hard rock that disturbed the corny 'indie rock' crowd, to my delight. I overheard a couple turds complaining that they 'didn't come here to see such garbage.' I disagree. Mast were the best band of the night.

Turbo Fruits came on next. I kind of liked their first self-titled record, it was loose and fun and sloppy punk. I predicted their material would be solid for an opening band.

The first half of the set pulled mostly from their first record, including the heavy stoner punk anthem "Volcano", an ode to the infamous vaporizing device. Things took a plunge for the worst when they started playing newer material, sounding like post-Vampire Weekend garbage. I was angry and paced around AS220 until Surfer Blood came on.

They were even worse. Total Vampire Weekend rip-offs. At least VW played music that sounded a little original. (Did I just compliment VW?)

Horchata is still the worst song of 2010. (Whew, redeemed)

I left six songs into Surfer Blood's set. Sorry, Black Clouds, I'll see you some other time.

I never considered the flurry of bands that are going to come out and sound like Vampire Weekend that are going to take over the next few years of the indie rock scene, the post-getting-big haze. AKA cash-in hors trying to make a buck by brain-washing the lambs.

Happened to Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Wolf Parade, etc. There are so many bands that sound like those dudes it makes me want to puke.

In conclusion, world of post-Vampire Weekend may mark the end of my ties with this vacant music scene. I spent most of the night analyzing the ramifications of this band getting the blog hype buzz and realized we are all doomed.

I listened to this live Oxford Collapse performance from my last CMJ trip and I feel less pissed off about this whole ordeal. They should have been bigger than Vampire Weekend and Surfer Blood. RIP.

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