Friday, October 2, 2009

Top Five Songs Sung While Job Shadowing a Possible Ponzi Scheme

Yesterday, I may or may not have followed around someone involved in a ponzi scheme. My job was to observe him and he was to judge if I was competent enough for a possible job opening. I don't want to get into too many details and, for full disclosure, I had no idea it was probably not legally sound until the end of the day.

It's not like they told me straight out what exactly the company was doing. And I'm unemployed and broke, so I went with it.

I had to piece the details together, as they trickled out, using my journalism skills.

At the very worst, we could've been arrested for some type of fraud. At the very least, it was totally unethical, shameless, and soul-sucking.

At the end of the day, I got offered a job!

I'm going to decline the offer, although I'm still completely unemployed.

I have five songs my very friendly "trainer" sung with me. They are found below. Enjoy.

Big Pimpin'

The Smashing Pumpkins
The Smashing Pumpkins ~ 1979

The Beatles
I Want to Hold Your Hand
The Beatles - I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Notorious BIG
Biggie Smalls feat. Puff Daddy - Hypnotize

Master P
Make Em Say Uhhhhh

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