Friday, October 16, 2009

Glenn Beck Smells Like Pot, Cries

Fox News is stupid and has less power than any of us realize, pointed out in this recent NY Times Op-Ed.

ALL news sucks these days. Except the Colbert Report.

But at least most of it is somewhat coherent. The following Glenn Beck video makes no logical sense.

Obviously I don't agree with his politics. He's fanatical and miserable and nobody intelligent cares about what he has to say.

I watched this video three times and still can't understand his metaphor about smelling like pot and spilled beer.

I think he's the one who smoked a little cheebah. That would be the only valid excuse for this plane crash. He cries and jaunts about Coke commercials.

Sounds like a stoner to me!

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    Best comment: "he got through the whole spot without crying"