Saturday, June 6, 2009


I thought the hullabaloo about the last Radiohead album was caused by their marketing strategy that made people overlook the fact that the music was rather mediocre. I risked my neck being chopped off by most fans of In Rainbows.

Surprise, Kim Gordan agrees with me!
Also, David Berman had something to say.
And Tad Kubler just spits hot fire.

If three of my favorite musicians agree with me, does that make me right, or an asshole?

In conclusion, any band that sings about the evils of society, then comes back and asks you to pay sixty bucks to see them live, are pricks. Even if they give their music away for free on the internet, it doesn't matter, since most artists make money from touring and merch. It's not like they're giving away vinyl copies of In Rainbows to everyone. It's a fucking mp3.

Don't get me wrong, some of Radiohead's older stuff is pretty good, but FUCK RADIOHEAD.

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